Swarm Collection

What a swarm of bees looks like and some of the strange places they settle


If you think you have a swarm of bees in your garden or near neighbourhood, firstly don’t panic! Whilst a swarm of bees may look frightening they are normally harmless as they have little to defend and are effectively homeless. Often they will cluster on a branch or bush or nearby building eve and is not unusual for the swarm to move around before finally settling or even fly off altogether. If they eventually settle down with a large hanging cluster of bees clearly visible, this is a swarm ready for collection.

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Please contact our volunteer coordinator if you require assistance. If it is a swarm of honeybees, one of our local volunteer swarm collectors may be available to provide some assistance to remove the swarm. It is customary to charge a nominal fee for this service to cover traveling and personal expenses.

March to September, mobile telephone number 07766 629763

And finally.

Please don't expect beekeepers to do anything about swarms in high or inaccessible places. Most household insurance does not cover third parties for taking such risks and similarly we can not undertake any structural work to get at bees within a building cavity or chimney. We can advise about professional contractors that do undertake such work.

Pest controller intervention and poisoning is an alternative option, however the costs are similar simply because a food substance, honey, is involved. All honey has to be removed and destroyed as it will be contaminated with pesticide which will end up in hives killing other bees. Bees are excellent thieves. Please work with your local builder and beekeeper to achieve a successful removal of an established colony of bees.